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English books on fair

The end of google plus is approaching – here’s an offer for authors

For all who liked google plus, we offer a new forum.

The rules are very simple, we upload the covers with art works and text,(introduction), links etc., after receiving 5 Euros via Paypal or bank transfer. It’s about the identity of those who load books with us and the server costs. We are happy with pictures, description and an excerpt.
The authors determine the distribution channels themselves. There is no sale with us, only the idea, the exchange of thoughts. We take care of social media so that you get into conversation. We also like to link. Of course, we will not tolerate right-wing radical ideas or other anti-constitutional writings.
Otherwise, the terms and conditions and the GDPR, which are clearly to read.

All inquiries should be addressed to info@thekasaantimes.de.

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